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Flavored Spirits To Spruce Up Your Holiday Drink

The holidays are here again and we all know what that means, lots and lots of holiday parties. What goes hand in hand with parties is drinks. If you are tired of the same old tired wine and mixed drinks, maybe it is time to spice things up a bit. Holidays are about doing things that you don’t normally do during the rest of the year. The holidays are about eating things and drinking things that you might not consider throughout the year. So, this year, mix it up a bit, literally, and try these great holiday concoctions.


Flavored alcohols are all the rage. They are not only lower in calories than most mixed drinks, but they are the perfect addition to add a little pizzazz to your old standby. Flavored alcohol mixers give the perfect hint to a drink without spoiling it with an overpowering flavor. They come in just about every flavor imaginable. Flavored vodkas seem to corner the market, infused with different tastes that you may not think would be tasty, but mix them to your favorite drink and you will be amazed with the results.


For the person who is looking for an old favorite, nothing is sweeter than a cherry coke. Feel like a kid again with this excellent drink. It goes well with just about everything and gives you the perfect hint of flavor and the right pick-me-up of caffeine. The simplest ingredients ever, coke with cherry flavored vodka. It tastes just like your favorite fountain drink. You have to be careful with this one, however, it takes so unassuming you may forget that there is alcohol in it. If that is the case, you will most certainly remember in the morning.


Citrus infused alcohol can spruce up any drink. Unlike adding juice to your cocktail, no special preparations need to be taken to add a little flavor. Also, no additional calories are attached. Almost any drink can be transformed with just a little citrus flavor, making it a whole new drink experience. You can literally become your own mixologist experimenting with different flavors and tastes. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy, worst case scenario, you start over. In the interim, however, you may find a drink that is completely out of this world.


If it seems like everyday lately has been a new party, a new outing, or a new get together, but the drinks have not changed, perhaps it is time to mix it all up a bit. You wouldn’t dream of eating the same thing every time you went out, so how much sense does it make to drink the same drink night after night? Invest in just a couple of bottles of flavored spirits and you can create hundreds of different concoctions. Who knows, you may just find the perfect drink, or the perfect new holiday tradition. Mix things up this holiday season if there is ever a time to throw caution to the spirit wind, the holidays are it.

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