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Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur

A Taste of the Alps


Europeans are well known for their after dinner liqueurs. While the liqueurs come in many flavors and from many different countries, one of them deserves a special mention. The Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur is a specially crafted beverage that comes from the Alps in Austria. The key ingredient from which this liqueur draws its flavor is the Arolla Stone Pine Fruit that is native to the Alps. Exceptionally smooth, slightly sweet and with a crisp floral finish – this Pine liqueur has been made the same way since 1797. Since this is an artisanal liqueur, it is not mass produced in any factory. Usually enjoyed as an after-ski drink, the liqueur is also used in various cocktails. It is made from completely natural ingredients. This liqueur was first made by Josef Hofer. It is handcrafted and bottled in a family distillery till date.


Traditionally paired with Italian, Swiss, German, and French Cuisine, the Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur is made from the pine cones. It is usually served at room temperature or slightly chilled for maximum taste and flavor. A sip of this liqueur reveals the delicate flavors of the herbs a, fruits and spices like pine, Szechuan pepper, rose, and berries. The liqueur itself is stunning in its appearance. It is presented in a clear glass bottle with a long neck that reveals the fiery red color of the liqueur. It is said that mountaineers and farmers must climb up high in the Alps to find the trees that have these pine cones. The harvesting of the pine cones is done in minute and sustainable quantities making for a limited batch of production each year.


The limited availability of the Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur is one of the reasons why it is generally reserved to celebrate a special occasion. Owning a bottle of this liqueur was considered to be a prized achievement of an alpine journey or the skills in mountain climbing. Today, it is a luxury brand that seeks to celebrate the bounty of nature, and the Alps from which it originated.

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