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Warmed Orange Juice

Orange juice is by far the most popular juice in the world. It is made by extracting oranges by desiccation and adding water and preservatives in order to make a wholesome drink. Orange juice is made from all kinds of oranges, even bitter ones to cater to all types of markets the world over.


There are many kinds of orange juices available in the market now. Frozen, canned, bottled, and even freshly extracted. Orange juice is a great source of vitamin C and the type that contains pulp is considered to be more nutritious than the type that has just juice in it. People who drink a glass of orange juice each week are believed to have a lesser chance of cardiovascular disease. It is also believed that orange juice helps beat the heat, fatigue, dehydration, and increases metabolism. It contains nutrients and minerals that are thought to improve the human immune system thus saving people from a lot of diseases. Orange juice is beneficial in lowering blood pressure and is often recommended by doctors for hypertensive patients. It is also believed that the properties present in the orange juice acts as an anti inflammatory agent and helps ease joint pains in some individuals. However, like anything else, orange juice should be taken in moderation as its high sugar may make you put on weight or give you an upset tummy.


Orange juice is manufactured by a lot of companies the world over. Some of the more popular brands are:


  1. Tropicana
  2. Nestle
  3. Minute Maid
  4. Orchid Island
  5. Simply Orange
  6. Daily Juice
  7. Florida’s Natural


Orange juice is not used as just a drink. It is also a popular beauty product used extensively for skin lightening and as a sun block both by beauty salons and individuals.

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