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Umeshu (Japane plum liqueur)

Another amazing Japanese tradition


Umeshu is a Japanese aperitif with a unique sweet taste. It is very suitable for people who usually don't like the smell and taste of alcohol.

You can make your own umeshu at your place.


You should try also DIY umehu (plum wine) that is made from green plums. That has a delicious sweet taste and contains 10-15 % of alcohol.


Choya and Takara Suzo is the most famous brands that produce this drink. Umeshu is used in many cocktails such as Umeshu sour, Umeshu on the rocks, etc.


Umeshu is not just a drink. It is a liqueur with 1000 histories. There are more than 300 private labels of this drink and even more home recipes. It has also many benefits for the health, being used as an antitoxic drink and perfect remedy against sore throat. 210 Different brands of Umeshu vary in color and taste. The reason to that is different alcohol that is used as a base for this drink. You should know the four basic types of Umeshu.


Below there is a recipe of the one with White liqueur and raw umeshu. You will need the following:


One kg of raw Ume, white liquor, 1 kilo of hard rock sugar, honey and the container where you're going to put the drink. It is advisable to have the glass container. Washed raw Ume should be dried. Put them into the container with the sugar and the white liquor can be poured at the same time. Put the honey on the top of Ume. Leave it in some cool place until the fruits will be shriveled. After that, the fruit should be taken out from the container. They remained liquid is your Umeshu that should be kept in cool place, especially in summer.


The price of the drink is not so high, especially if you consider the delicious taste of it. There are many communities made around this drink. In the internet, you can find the groups, supporters, and just fans of Umeshu. It is not just a drink anymore, but also another beautiful Japanese tradition.


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