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Tangelo Liqueur

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Tangelo liqueur is one of the citrus liqueurs with sweet unique taste that will stay on your lips for a long time after you finish the drink. As you can already guess from the name of the liqueur it is made of fruits called Tangelo. Tangelo is a citrus -mixture of Tangerine and Polemo. These fruits vary in color and shapes. You can see Tangelo with light yellow skin or even with deep orange skin, it can have oval or round shapes. Only juicy and sweet Tangelo fruits are used for making this liqueur. This liqueur is a composition of tangelo distillate, tangelo amazing juice, and sugar.



The process of making the Tangelo liqueur is quite time consuming and involves a lot of hard work. The distillation process should be very slow in order to reveal the entire aroma. The liqueur contains 29 % alcohol, it can be used as a perfect mixture to the different cocktails or enjoyed just with ice and splash of soda.



This liqueur as all the citrus liqueurs is also very useful for the human health. It contains vitamin C about which there is no point to talk about since everybody knows about its healthy properties.


Tangelo liqueur is simply one of the best drinks you can ever try. Online you can buy it for around 30-40 USD, but if you search well you most probably will get fantastic discount deals and get the bottle even for the half price. The main supplier of this drink is New Zealand, the bottles are available in different volumes: 100 ml, 500 ml.


Tangelo liqueur can become a perfect gift to the ones who prefer the unique taste of drinks and unforgettable experience. The elegant shape of the bottle with the gift box is all what you need to deliver the unique gift to your friend.

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