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Tamarillo Liqueur

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Tamarillo liqueur is quite different from most of its kind. It is an exotic liqueur, which is sweet, but at the same time, it is slightly bitter too. It has a tone of caramel within it with an approximated amount of 25% alcohol. Tamarillo liqueur is actually made after distillation by distillerie deinlein.


However if you want to feel the real aroma and taste of this drink, preserve it at room temperature as that will be best for it. Tamarillo liqueur got its name from a south American fruit, tamarillo. This fruit is egg-shaped and is very popular in all the neighboring countries. The fruit is quite colorful and the flesh is purple tinged with seed surrounding the pulp.


The process is not rather simple, as that may seem but quite a complicated one. Once the tamarillos, fresh and ripe are collected, they are peeled and pulped. The pulp is later imparted with spirits. The neutral spirit is actually a product that is made in New Zealand.


 The tamerolla can be preserved for less than six months and then it is changed into the liqueur form. Tamarillo liqueur is prepared from the freshly chosen tamarillo fruit, distilled water from springs and sugar. It does not contain artificial colors or aromas. Tamarillo liqueur is aged just a few months before which it should be consumed.

 Tamarillo liqueur is very popular among women of all ages. It can make a splendid gift for a dinner out party. Tamarillo liqueur can be served with ice cubes with equal amount of water that is added to neutralize its bitter taste or can be served as it is.


No doubt, whatever will be the style, tamarillo liqueur will never disappoint you. If you are looking for something that has a taste of fruit and not much liqueur, then tamarillo liqueur can be your ideal choice.

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