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French aperitifs are popular between both the genders. Of all of them, Suze has snatched a marvelous position in the industry of French aperitifs. It has two main features; the first one being the wild aroma with a biter taste and the second attractive thing about it is its slender and sleek bottle. The bottle was designed in the late 19th century and the designer was Henri Porte.


Its bitter taste is real attractive and appealing thing. After long campaigns for advertisement, suze has at last snatched the 5th position in the industry of French aperitifs because of being the favorite of millions of people out there.


The name of   'suze’ has faced quite controversies due to its origin. According to some, suze was named after the sister in law of fernand moureaux. Her real name was Suzanne and she was fond of aperitif. If I say she was deep lover of that brand, it would not be wrong one bit. However according to another theory, the brand was named after a river that flows in Switzerland.


Many minds would think that why Switzerland but actually that was one of the few countries that adopted it at first. The manufacturer of suze was no other than fernand moureaux himself who firstly made suze back in 1885.He was actually trying to prepare a non-wine based drink by distillation of blue gentian roots apart from using grapes like many of them.


Since Suez is quite bitter in taste, one would serve it with ice and with an equal part of water to neutralize the bitterness in taste. One of the Picasso’s paintings illustrates the drink too as being immortal. Suze is also known as the golden queen of the snow due to its fantastic aroma and taste.


Traditional methods and herbs are used in its preparation and that is why it has that exquisite taste. Suze tastes great when it is mixed with orange juice or other tonics and is considered a must item for almost all the cocktails.

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