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Strega is made from an Italian herb and hit the market in 1860. Strega is yellow in color, which is due to the presence of saffron that is an important part of the ingredients involved. Strega require about 70 herbals to be prepared. Among these ingredients, the most important are the mint and fennel. When it comes to appearance, strega is a lot similar to Galliano.


Although Galliano is has a fade yellow color but they resembled a lot. Strega is also slightly sweet in taste. The most popular use of strega is in the preparation of cake-torta caprese. Strega got its name from an Italian word, which means witch. It is a strong liquor and popular among all societies. It is actually a traditional drink and comes from the Italian liquor industry.


In fact, strega is the second liquor in the world to be involving saffron as an ingredient. The first one was fernet-branca.the history of strega dates back to the eighteen century during the era of the monks. The myth behind strega says that Giuseppe Alberta found a few monks who were trained in making the liquor.


He took the secret recipe from them and being a businessperson, he sold the liquor further. The name of the liquor ‘strega’ was actually kept by Giuseppe himself. From that time onwards, the sales kept on boosting beyond limits. Its herbal nature has made it people’s favorite. It has a strong and medicinal smell.


The taste buds will experience a change, as the liquor will stay a fewseconds longer. The taste is sweet at first and then advances towards being a bit bitter due to the herbs present in it. Most of people are huge fans of strega and refer it to their friends and family too. You will not know what you are missing unless you have tasted it once. 

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