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Sourz Pineapple

Sourz Pineapple liqueur the perfect blend to make the perfect cocktail

In this age of mixed drinks, Sourz Pineapple liqueur manufactured by the Jim Beam distillery, may be just the perfect original taste to spice up your mixed drink, or to make a new one all its own. It has a taste that is unlike, and unparalleled, by anything else on the market and a distinctness that will make any drink something special. It can be enjoyed straight up on the rocks, or as a drink mixer, but either way the uniqueness will excite your palate and make any Friday night into an instant good time.

Coming To You From Quality

Sourz Pineapple is a liqueur that is infused with pineapple taste but has just the right amount of sour. It is manufactured by the world renowned Jim Beam corporation that has centuries of knowledge on how to manufacture the very best in quality and expertise. Jim Beam, the original bourbon whisky maker, is the best selling whisky in the world since 1795. Through seven generations, the corporation has held their place among drinkers everywhere. Distilled with the same excellence as they do their bourbon, this product makes a name among the premix favorites at both bars and homes worldwide. Standing up to the old favorites, it allows you a new alternative to the stone sour, but has the same quality and like ability.

What Is Sourz Pineapple?

Flavored alcohols are all the rage in bars and nightclubs around the world. It is the perfect combination between alcohol and taste without all the additional calories or complicated mixing involved. Sourz Pineapple liqueur is a fruit liqueur that has a pineapple base flavor but with just a little more kick. Its origins are in the United States where it is distilled and distributed. It has an alcohol content of 15%, making it on the lower end of alcohol by volume. It is quickly becoming a favorite key ingredient or main ingredient in not only your favorite drink, but as a shooter. Because of its smoothness and fruity nature it tastes more like a dessert than a drink. It is quickly becoming a staple behind just about every bar or nightclub.

Just One In A Batch

Jim Beam's sourz pineapple is the perfect combination between sour and sweet. It has an engaging sweet flavor, but not too sweet, offset by the sour. Also introduced, and quickly becoming highly desired is its contemporary counterparts

  • sourz apple liqueur
  • sourz raspberry liqueur
  • sourz cherry liqueur
  • sourz tropical liqueur
  • sourz peach liqueur

All three are quickly making their names among mixology masters everywhere. Following along the classification of schnapps, this concoction is a great alternative having only 15% by volume versus schnapps at 30 and 50%

Pineapple Sourz: Possibly The Perfect Mixture

This infused alcohol is the perfect substitute for many mixers. When the recipe calls for citrus, try substituting this alcohol, it is the perfect thing to spice up your cocktail or go ahead and create a new one.

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