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Shocho (or Shochu)

Shochu: The Longevity Potion


It is said that to live a long and fulfilling life one must be kind to others, be productive, and stop to smell the roses along the way. In Japan however, most people add two more things to the list – exercising regularly and drinking Shochu. Apparently, the oldest living man in Japan, Mr. Shogechiyo Izumi, made it a point to drink Shochu every day and he lived to see his 120th birthday. This fact, along with Mr. Izumi's record of longevity, is mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records. He even attributed his longevity to  drinking this wonderful drink. His doctor however, made it very clear that Shochu was more of a problem than a problem solver. He warned that the drink is not processed easily by the kidneys, but Mr. Izumi insisted that without Shochu there wasn't any pleasure in living a long life.


Shochu was not the liquor of choice in Japan or anywhere else for that matter, until recently. It was considered an old man's drink as its effects were limited to mild inebriation. Lately however, Shochu is being promoted as a healthy alternative to hard liquor and has found favor with many people including Japanese women. This is mainly because of the low calories that Shochu has as well as the mild inebriation aftereffects mentioned before. The low-calorie proposition makes the drink attractive as the calories are converted to heat which is then emitted from the body after drinking.


Another major advantage that a drink like Shochu offers is its versatility. It can be imbibed in many ways depending on mood and personal taste – neat, on the rocks, diluted with hot or regular water, mixed in with Oolong tea or a fruit juice, or mixed in with soda. It is available in a variety of flavors that include grapefruit, lemon, and apple and can be had with a wide variety of cuisines. However, if one chooses to drink it, longevity and good living is the greatest benefit of drinking Shochu.


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