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Schweppes Russchian

Schweppes Russchian: The Beast from the East


“Go West!” is the cry. After all, the West is where the good life is generally lived. But the Vodka is always better in the east which is why the Schweppes Russchian is a mix that one can generally find in the East (of Europe mostly). Like tonic water is made for the Gin lovers, it can be said, that the Schweppes Russchian is made for the Vodka lovers. The name itself should be enough to give everybody an idea of what it is to be mixed with. Fruity, aromatic, and pale pink in color – this drink won't be mistaken for any other. Some people like the taste of lemon, some people like the flavor of orange, but this drink is for those who like the tanginess of bitter peaches, because that is exactly what the drink tastes like. Add the Schweppes Russchian to a shot of Vodka with a slice of lemon and it becomes a really cool party drink.


The making of a great drink can be discerned by the ingredients used in it, by the bartender who makes it, and by the palate that drinks it. The Schweppes Russchian was made for the Vodka drinkers who like a clean palate and a smooth taste with little or no fragrance to their drinks. No wonder then that this pale pink drink blends in so well with the colorless Vodka. It simply adds a dash of flavor and also a touch of class to any Vodka based cocktail or beverage. That is what being Russian is all about!


The next time you head to a bar to have a good time, ask for Vodka with the Russian. If you get strange looks, then you know that to enjoy the awesome taste of a good clean vodka with the Schweppes Russchian you will probably have to go East. More East but not as far as the Far-East. The trip there will be worth it. Definitely!

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