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Schweppes Bitter Lemon

Schweppes Bitter Lemon: A Real Blast from the Past


In the year 1957, all the people who had a penchant for lemons (also known as lemon heads) were in for a treat. This was the year when Schweppes Bitter Lemon hit the stores. Lemon drinks became the rage of the season. Forget the super sweet sodas of today, this particular drink made it to the refrigerators of homes all across America. Today, sadly, the sugar levels in this country have gone through the roof and diabetes is one of the biggest illnesses this country is facing. But the nostalgia remains as some lemon heads still find what they lovingly refer to as the “Original Lemon Drink” in a few restaurants, grocery shops, or hotels. Schweppes Bitter Lemon has its share of fans even today although it is the drink of a generation past.


Used as a mixer or just a plain soda, this drink tasted slightly bitter because of the Quinine in it. Added to it was the delicious flavor of the lemon making this drink one of the earliest mixers to go well with any alcoholic beverage. Today, most children love the taste of sweetness in sodas, ice creams, and even popcorn. The current generation is on a sugar high, whether it is any diet soda (less calories, not less sweet), juice, or ice cream – America has gone sweet crazy. The original Schweppes Bitter Lemon is unfortunately no longer as widely available as it used to be. The lemon heads of the yesteryears still pray that they will see the day when it is once again available far and wide, as it was during their time.


When it is mixed in with some water and Gin or Vodka, the original Schweppes Bitter Lemon never ceases to amaze with its taste. One can still find a bottle on the Internet every once in a while, or in a grocery store. If you love the taste of zest – this is the drink to keep in your refrigerator and drink it when everybody else seems to love the sugar high. A fair warning though: this drink is not suited to all palates - there is a reason it is called Bitter Lemon. Pour it in a glass, add some ice and take a sip and see how the world changes into a new, energetic, and zesty place to live in.

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