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Red Orange Liqueur

Red Orange Liqueur: The Sunset Blend


One of the few things that make every vacation worthwhile is the magnificent vistas and sunsets that one can actually get to see. In everyday life, twilight comes with either traffic jams on the way back home being stuck in a car or preparing for the evening meal. It is only on a vacation that one really gets to appreciate sunsets. Whether they are at a beach, lounging in an infinity pool, or even on the lounge deck of a cruise ship – it really doesn't matter so long as the mood is right. Red Orange Liqueur is a mood setter. It makes any drink look fantastic. Sunsets can be made in a glass and drunk happily, all thanks to this particular blend of liqueur. There are many cocktails that use this liqueur as an ingredient in the mix like the Long Beach Iced Tea, the B52's with a twist, the Champagne Cocktail, and the drink known as the Zombie among many others. The bright orange color makes the drink fun. Its sweet, citrusy flavor adds a rich flavor to the cocktail, making it a real thirst quencher.


Just imagining a drink with Red Orange Liqueur can transport anybody to a place of happiness. Imagine being amidst blue rolling waves, beautiful women with their gorgeous bodies in bikinis, clear blue skies, palm trees, and back massages – these are what the good times are all about. Daydreaming can be among one of the favorite pastimes for those who indulges themselves with this sunset drink.


The next time you choose to go on a vacation or find yourself thinking of the perfect drink to mellow out with your friends in tow – think of the wonderfully calming sunsets. Think of the drink that makes everything appear calm and idyllic. Red Orange Liqueur is there to make possibilities like these into realities. Add a dash of adventure to the vacation and take a break from the usual wines, whiskies, beach cocktails with umbrellas and bourbons. Dream of new possibilities and think red orange.


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