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Red Hot Sauce

Red Hot Sauce: Sizzling the World, One Tongue at a Time


While cheese can be melted onto any dish to make it rich and satisfying, the same can be easily said for the red hot sauce when it comes to food or drinks. Take this sauce to the grill and turn up the heat on any summer barbecue. It adds the heat to the meat when it sears or makes for a wonderful dip mixed with some sour cream and chives. One can even add it to a drink to make things a little bit spicy. If the idea is to have fun socializing, a dash of this sauce can make everything seem sharper, headier, edgier, and that much more tantalizing. This is how good times in the summer ought to be – a heady mix of cool, refreshing, and spicy.


Not only does the red hot sauce make everything that much more delicious to bite into, but it also gives a well timed “kick” to the palate. Bland food can be rich but no fun to eat. That is what makes having sauces around so much fun. Soy sauce for example adds tanginess, Worcestershire sauce is just plain fun, green and red tabasco sauce pack pure heat, plain tomato or tomato with chilies ketchup can be used in any sandwich, and all these sauces deserve their place in the kitchen. Each of them adds their own flavor to the food, however not every sauce can be added to a drink or a cocktail. In fact, very few sauces can be used both in a bar and a kitchen.


To make some hot curry or a spicy drink one could use many ingredients but red hot sauce comes not only with the fiery flavor comparable to a volcano but also a taste that makes the tongue want more with every sip or bite. No wonder then that so many brands of red hot sauce are competing in the market. Everybody wants to be a name to be remembered and everybody wants their share of the hot sauce pie, so to speak.

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