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Potato Starch

Best way to make your Potato starch


Of course, you can buy Potato Starch from the local grocery shop. However, why not to make it by yourself? Firstly, a few words about the potato starch. It is often used as a thickener for many types of soups and sauces. It can also be made into a liquid form. This liquid can be very healthy if you keep the gluten free diet.


So, in order to make the homemade potato starch you will need to do the following:

Grate some raw potatoes very finely. Put them into the layer of cheesecloth and squeeze all the liquid from the potatoes into a bowl. After that add some water and squeeze again until the water running out of it seems to be clear. Put the liquid you got into the refrigerator and leave there for approximately four hours. After four hours take out the pulp out of the refrigerator and very carefully transfer the layer of water into another container. Add again some water and mix the starch, put It back to the refrigerator in order it to settle again. After an hour take out the bowl from the fridge and pour off the excess water again. What you have in the first bowl is actually the potato starch. The remaining liquid can be left to dry and used later as a powder.


Just in case, if you decide to buy the Potato starch check the label. Be sure that the package says: it is “gluten free,” very often they put wheat flour instead and that is actually cheating.


The potato starch has very sweet taste and you are going to enjoy it.

This organic and tasty drink will contribute to your health definitely. You can buy them online as well as at your local stores, but as it was mentioned above it is highly recommendable to make it by yourself.



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