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Plum Sake

Plum sake is the ready beverage drink or the delicious cocktail that can be made in a very easy way. Actually, among the majority of people plum sake is associated with the mixed drink, the recipe of which is given below:


You will need; two cups plum wine; 1/4 cup maraschino cherry juice; Maraschino cherries, for garnish; Cucumber slices, for garnish and ice.

Fill pitcher with ice and add sake, plum wine, and cherry juice. Mix and put into glasses. Decorate with a cucumber slice and maraschino cherry and you will have one of the most delicious drinks.

If you decide to purchase a bottle of plum sake, then you had better look for such famous brands as Momokawa, Moonstone, Silk Road, and Kishu. The sake of Moonstone brand has natural plum favor and a bit of almond favor. You will feel the sweet nectar on your lips while drinking this delicious drink.

 Plum sake cocktail is a splendid summer drink made with fresh seasonal plums. In winter, you also can enjoy it made with dried plums. In addition, they both taste just amazing.


Plum sake is universal alcohol drink. You can combine it with sushi or roast beef, mix with the ice cream if you want.

There is a special kind of this drink as well that has pink color and called “Plum Pink” sake. It became very popular in 2009 introduced firstly on the Valentine’s Day and associated with a romantic drink. It is widely recommended to consume the entire bottle after opening since oxidation will change the taste and quality of sake quickly.


Plum sake is very clear and has the light taste so you can easily have it in glass wine, do not afraid to become drunk.

Usually the price for the bottle of this drink is not higher than 8-10 USD. This price is nothing for this special drink.

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