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Pisco is translated like “flying bird” from the language of the aborigines of the Easter Island. And this translation is perfectly matches with the effect the Pisco gives. Pisco is made from the grapes. It is the traditional drink of residents of Chili. This drink is made according to the old traditional technology and that gives it a unique taste and aroma.


For Pisco there are only 5 kinds of grapes that can be used, and all of them are from Muscat sort.


There is a very interesting thing about Pisco: you can drink a lot of it but there is no hangover after. Many fans of the strong alcohol drinks are surprised about this fact. That is true. Another universal thing about Pisco is that it can be consumed with all kind of food when it is cold and it can be a perfect as a digestive. I am not talking about thousands of cocktails made on this spirit.


This alcohol drink is sold usually in traditional bottles. The new phase in promotion of that drink on the international market is the introduction of Pisco Reservado in dark green glass bottle that looks like a statue from the Easter Island. Design of this bottle had received the golden medal on the international exhibition in Paris. There are other kinds of this alcohol drink like Gran Pisco and Pisco tradicional.


Pisco Sour cocktail is on of the delicious cocktails ever. It is a national Peruvian cocktail that has a classic delicious combination of pisco, fresh lime or lemon juice, sugar and egg white.

If you never tried Pisco before, correct this mistake immediately. It is one of the most delicious, souls warming alcohol spirits, which give you a freedom of the flying bird.

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