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Pink Lemonade

What is pink lemonade and its recipe

Pink Lemonade is a great summer refreshing drink. In this accelerated summer season, we try to keep our self-fresh and refreshing and this Lemonade smoothie is best drink for your summers. It was first used by Native Americans and enjoyed by Europeans as well. It has now become a trendy smoothie drink in US and comes in the top best quality of smoothies list.


Lemonade is a great ingredient it’s delicious, refreshing and healthy as well. It keeps your body cool in the nice flavored way. You can include this fruit in your smoothie recipes with your other fruits.


This is the main refreshing drink during fairs and festivals in US and at some places, it is also known as lemon shakeup. At that Lemonade was used better to sweetened the water of lime soda but now people use it as a refreshing drink mixed with different other delicious fruits. Now day’s people have the option to make it a cheap drink by using flavored colors in it, and it may affect the taste of the drink. Natural sources to make pink Lemonade were berries, grapefruit, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and other juices. Many people also have some misconception that only pink skinned lemon can be used to make it pink flavored drink but fact are far away. Lemonade is also used to make popular cocktails in UK, and it’s also a popular drink mixer. This pink lemonade is easily available refreshing drink on roadsides in summer days and even small children open lemonade stands in summer months.


Interesting pink Lemonade recipe in which you will use Lemonade as your main ingredient is:


Use some frozen raspberries, some chilled pink lemonade, and use some peach yogurt, which is low fat. Mix in your smoothie blender and make it consistence according to you. Serve it chilled in crystal glass or put it in your travel bottle for your refreshing drink throughout the day you can enjoy this.

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