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A tropical fruit that is sweet and delicious to eat. Pineapple is popularly used in dessert and in different kinds of drinks and salad. It is a native fruit from South America and most especially, it came from Brazil and Paraguay. Like other consumers, I am one of those people who really like pineapple. It has nutritional facts that help in maintaining ideal weight. Pineapple fruit has vitamins and minerals, fibers and enzymes that is good for our digestive system. It eliminates toxins and gives a balanced nutrition that our body needs to stay fresh and always on the go.


Pineapple fruit is a good source of Vitamin C and has a minimal fat contain, less sodium and no cholesterol. It can be eaten fresh and can be cooked with your favorite food. Pineapple can be in canned, juice, salad and even dried. Dried pineapple is already in the local market and online stores now and served as dessert. It is always wise to buy healthy and nutritious foods.


According to the experts, the fruit believed to protects against cancer and very beneficial to the heart. It contains a mixture of enzymes called bromeliad. A bromeliad is a mixture of protein digesting enzymes, which is called proteolytic enzymes, which blocks the production of protein in the blood when there is inflammation. The pineapple helps reduce the swelling caused by arthritis, gout, sore throat, and acute sinusitis. It is also called kidney stimulants since it help releases body toxins.


If you want to enhance your body’s healing process, you need to eat the pineapple fruit. It is most preferred to eat the fresh one because most canned fruit losses some of the nutrients that the pineapple can offer because of the heat used in the canning process. So, stay cool, eat pineapple fruit.









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