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Pina Colada Mix


Ananas Colossus, the common name of the tropical fruit, which is the pineapple fruit. Pineapple is the good source of manganese and it contains a proteolysis enzyme bromeliad which breaks down protein. The pineapple meat can be eaten fresh or in canned or my favorite, the Pina Colada Mix.  Pineapple is popularly used in desserts or the ever yummy fruit salad.  Pina Colada Mix is much smoothed and very refreshing to drink. 


Pineapple is very rich in Vitamins C.  It is best for our health and it helps to fight cancerous cells that may occur in our body.  You can add pina colada in your daily diet.  Fresh pineapple is the best source of fibers and calcium and it has its natural enzymes which help improve the circulation or our blood.  The meat is rich in fiber that helps to eliminate toxins and for those who are figure conscious women it will help you cut down fats.


There are many drink recipes that contains Pina Colada Mix like for example the Bailey’s Banana Colada.  It is really delicious and you can’t wait another serving if you taste it.  It has the ingredients of 3 oz. Pine Colada Mix, 1 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream, 1 banana, 1 banana Liqueur, and one 1 oz. rum. Dark rum is most preferred.  Put banana and liqueur into the blender until it reaches the thickness like paste.  Add the cream of Irish Bailey’s and then the Colada and Rum.  Blend it well, add ice and blend it again until smooth.

Pina Colada Mix is made of sugar, water, pineapple juice concentrate and the cream of coconut.  To make your Pina Colada Mix more attractive to zip on, garnish it with an orange or a slice of cherry on top.  You can have your Pina Colada in your local and online stores.








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