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Pimms No 6

Pimms No. 6

Pimms is considered one of the most popular drinks in England by far. Concocted around 1823 by the owner of an oyster bar in the London City area, James Pimm made himself very well known from the mixture of his product.


Originally created to be a type of tonic to aid in stomach problems; Pimms No. 1 is still a huge success with the British. James Pimms No. 1 was a drink containing gin, quinine and a combination of different herbs. He served the drink in a small type of tankard referred to as the No.1 cup so the name stayed with the brand.


The popularity of Pimms No.1 was growing at such a tremendous rate, James went into mass production around 1851 and later in 1865 sold his business along with all the rights to Frederick Sawyer. The Pimms Oyster House became a chain of pubs, and in 1887 became franchised.


It was not until after World War II that other Pimms flavors were invented and was called Pimms No. 2, Pimms No. 3, Pimms No. 4, Pimm’s No. 5, and Pimms No. 6 up until the 1960s. Unfortunately, the demand for Pimms Nos. 2 and 5 fell off in sales and the decision to be taken out of production during the 1970s. Pimms did bring back the No. 3 brandy and added new spices and changed the name to Pimms Winter Cup.


Today Pimms No. 1 and Pimms No. 6 still remain to be the most popular choice for the Londoners. Pimms No. 6 is vodka based liquor that has managed to stay “alive” and not fall to the detriment of No. 2, No. 4, and No. 5. Pimms No 6 has never been as popular as the original Pimms No. 1 but production is at a minimum for the vodka blend.

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