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Pepsi Max

An Essential Overview of Pepsi Max

Pepsi Max is known to be the first ever soda drink or most commonly known as soft drink which is launched in the market as an energy drink. It became popular through tag lines such as “maximum taste, no sugar” and “don’t worry, there’s no sugar”. There are several TV and radio Advertisements being aired in promoting this product which was launched by Pepsi Co. These products are scattered across the globe so there are millions of people who are aware about this product.


Another thing that this product became popular is through its funny and unique commercial that you can often see on TV. It is marketed as an energy drink that comes in several varieties with zero calories. Pepsi Max proudly stands out in terms of its campaigns which are also one of the reasons behind its successful sales for years since it has been launched. This is also the reason why this product quickly gain massive increase in sales as well as it also became popular in most countries all over the world.


Pepsi Max is believed to be marketed as the best alternative to regular and diet Pepsi. It varies from regular Pepsi because it contains phosphoric acid, calcium disodium, acesulfame potassium and a certain amount of caffeine. This product debuted in Italy and UK in April 1993. It was then expanded to Ireland in September and to France, Netherlands, and Australia in December. By the end of 1994, this product is already made available in about twenty countries across the globe. And, by the end of 1995, it was again distributed to more and more countries making it one of the most sought after soda energy drink across the globe. 


Pepsi’s biggest intention is to introduce Pepsi Max and inflate its product collection in different parts of the world. It was an essential moment for cola industry the introduction of Pepsi Max. This product is said to be giving maximum pleasure to its clients although it’s sugar-free.


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