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The Product History of Pepsi Cola


Pepsi Cola is a carbonated drink that is manufactured by Pepsi Corporation. It was first made in 1890 by Caleb Davis Bradham in North Carolina in 1890. This product brand was trademarked in the year 1903. And then, there are several Pepsi variants that were out in the market making it one of the most popular drinks for most individuals including the elite group.


This product was first introduced as Brad’s Drink in North Carolina in 1898 by its inventor himself. It was later named Pepsi Cola probably because to the digestive enzyme pepsin and kola nuts which are found among the essential ingredients used in its production. Over the years, sales of these drinks have massively increased and this is most likely the reason why Bradley rented a warehouse where he can sell and store his products.


Would you believe that this company faced bankruptcy problems? Well yes, in early 1931, this corporation has faced bankruptcy problems. It is because of some financial loses acquired through considering wildly fluctuating prices of sugar as a result of world war I. Its asset was then sold including its trademark. This bankruptcy was temporarily been resolved; however it happened again after eight years. The company’s assets were again sold to Charles Guth.


Original Pepsi Cola Trademark was filed in the year 1902. Its registration was been approved in 1903. In the era of the great depression, Pepsi Cola had gained its popularity through following the introduction in 1936. It has launched the first 12 ounce Pepsi bottle which is initially priced ten cents.


Hence, its sales were not that tremendous as compared today. It only increased its sales when its price is decreased to five cents, plus the fact that its new manufacturers have also launched several product advertisements that are seen and heard over television and radios. The maker of Pepsi nowadays offers a wide selection of product brands which are very popular to all its consumers globally.

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