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Pepper- What is this spice about?

The history of the spice concerns the history of peppers as it is regard as the king of spices. Peppers have been moving in India since then and it has been their trading system to exchange spices to other materials like money. In the classical times, they regard peppers as tribute and a substantial part of their spices.


Pepper comes from various species of vinous plant, the spice come from the fruit knows as the peppercorns. Black peppers come from dried unripe berry. The corn is spherical and wrinkled for about 5mm in diameter. The Malabar and the Tellicherry peppers are both regarded as top quality because of its size and maturity.


The white pepper begins like the black one but they have to ripen it fully in the vine. Its outer shell is being removed through soaking the berries in the water till it falls off or if they are held under the flowing spring water, having a whiter and cleaner pepper. 


The green pepper comes from the same fruits however it is harvested before they became mature. The pink pepper on the other hand is not a vinous pepper since it came from the French island Reunion. The pink peppercorn has brittle, papery pink skin which is enclosed by a hard and irregular seed and much smaller than the whole fruit.


The pepper is perfectly purchased in whole. A whole peppercorn keeps its flavor indefinitely but is can easily loses its aroma after it has been ground. Peppercorns are hard but it can easily be ground in a peppermill.


A crack pepper is normally broken corns, crushed with the use of mortar and then pestle with rolling pin. Peppers are best ground directly to foods. With a hot food, it is best if you add pepper towards the end of the cooking to preserve its aroma.

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