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Passion Fruit Liqueur

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Passion fruit liqueur can be found in many brands and variations all over the globe. Some of the most popular brands that produce this liqueur are La Grande, Alize, Passoa, and X Rated Fusion. This liqueur is great for the people who are trying to watch their calorie intake as well because there is only about a hundred calories per ounce of this fruit liqueur. When it comes to cocktails and drink mixes, there is well over 100 combinations and cocktails that you can try out that include this liqueur flavor. Some of these top cocktails and drinks include Champagne Passion, Alize Cocktail, Thug Passion, Brain candy and Player’s Passion.


You can even make your own passion fruit liqueur from home with the right ingredients. All you need is some fresh or frozen passion fruit (preferably fresh), sugar, syrup and the alcohol base you would like for your liqueur. This base could be vodka, rum, whiskey, cognac or any type of alcohol really. Just make sure the taste will compliment the fruit taste of the passion fruit when you mix them together. When making any kind of fruit liqueur from home you want to let the mix sit for at least 24 hours before mixing with the alcohol and then let the final product age for 3-9 months before consuming it. This will allow the alcohol and the fruit to soak together and really compliment each other’s taste.


Whichever way you decide to enjoy your passion fruit liqueur, store bought or homemade, you can be sure you will enjoy this fruity and refreshing taste. For more recipe ideas or even cooking ideas for the passion fruit, passion fruit juice or fruit liqueur, check out the many websites and blogs available for free on the internet.

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