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Parfait Amour liqueur

Parfait Amour liqueur is a purple colored liqueur used in making cocktails. This is popular due to the color that it adds to any particular cocktail that it is mixed in. Parfait Amour Liqueur has a Curacao liqueur base and there is no one way in which this liqueur is made.


Parfait Amour liqueur originated in Netherlands in the 19th century and has several forms. Some are flavored with rose water, others with almonds and vanilla. There is yet another form of Parfait Amour liqueur that is flavored with lemon, coriander and sometimes even violets are used to add a special zing and color to this purple colored liqueur. Parfait Amour liqueur’s prime production and sale is in France and the Netherlands but is also found in the United States of America, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Canada although it is not available in some Canadian provinces.


There are different kinds of cocktails made from Parfait Amour liqueur. Some of the more popular ones are:


  1. English Rose Cocktail – uses 15 ml of Parfait Amour liqueur along with lemon juice, grenadine syrup, gin and dry vermouth
  2. Silver Amour-a-Rita – uses 30 ml of Parfait Amour liqueur along with lime juice and tequila
  3. True Love – used 30 ml of Parfait Amour liqueur along with Galliano, gomme syrup and grapefruit juice
  4. Parfait Amour liqueur Cocktail – uses 30 ml of Parfait Amour liqueur with gin and maraschino liqueur


Parfait Amour liqueur is produced by two manufacturers – Marie Brizard from France and Bols from Netherlands. Marie Brizard is more popular for their orange flavored Parfait Amour liqueur which is made from Spanish oranges, vanilla, rose water and almonds. Some of the top drinks made from Parfait Amour liqueur include Be Sweet, Cactus Cola, Epitaph, Poison, Violetta, Love Bite, Frosty Amour and Sailor Mercury.

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