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Unless you are from the southern Florida or the Ecuadorian region you may have never heard of Naranjillas. The fruit kind of resembled a small furry orange and it delightfully juicy. The Naranjilla plant itself is a shrub that can grow up to 8 feet tall. Due to the high popularity of the Naranjillas and the plant itself, the perennial shrub is now grown more in the United States than any other part of the word, including its indigenous Ecuador. This is also because the fruit, seeds and plants can all be used for cooking and the preparation of some drinks.


The Naranjilla plant is a beautiful shrub and the leaves are heart shaped which make them even more desirable. There are larger and smaller versions of the Naranjilla plant depending on where in the world the plant is being grown. Wild plants are usually larger with leaves resembling the shape of a Christmas tree and home grown plants are a bit smaller and have those leaves that resemble a heart shape. You can get fresh Naranjillas growing right in your own back yard too because the seeds and starter plants are easily accessible and easy to maintain.


If you do not live in a area of the country where the Naranjilla seeds and plants are readily available to you, there is the option to shop online for it. You can expect to pay about $3 for ten to fifteen Naranjilla seeds online and $5 to $10 for an actual starter plant. You must know that you are going to order a starter plant offline to be sure and have it shipped accordingly. You do not want to pay for a plant that arrives at your home already wilted and dead. Enjoy this delicious treat from Ecuador today!


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