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Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew, or now more commonly abbreviated Mnt Dew, is the fourth best selling carbonated drink in the United States. The yellow soda delivers a crisp and refreshing taste that is one in its own. There really are no other sodas on the market that deliver the same taste that Mnt Dew does. The soda even has its own brand of energy drink called AMP that taste very similar to the soda but really gives you that extra caffeine burst.


There are dozens of flavors when it comes to Mountain Dew and they even have flavors that last just a few short months for contest. Some flavors you may be familiar with are Code Red, Live Wire, Baja Blast, Dew Voltage, Cherry Fusion, White Out, Throwback, and Thin Ice Freeze. There are just as many discontinued flavors as there are current ones as well. Mnt Dew is a product of Pepsi Co but the soda really is a brand of its own. The soda can even be sold separately without being the Pepsi lineup.


Mountain Dew also has a slew of sponsorships that keep the brand and drink thriving. One of the most popular sponsorships that Mnt Dew has is probably the X Games. The X Games is a series of events sporting events involving skate boards, bicycles and other extreme sports that draws a huge crowd each and every year. Some of the athletes that perform in the X Games are very young but can perform some of the craziest tricks you have ever seen. You may be familiar with Shaun White who is an avid snowboarder but also a yearly competitor in the X Games. If you have never tried this delicious beverage head out and pick up your first taste of yellow number five today.

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