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Mint Sprig

Mint Sprigs Can Make Your Cocktail Extra Special

When most people think of ingredients for different cocktails, they don't often think of the green leafed mint sprig. While it is not a very standard ingredient it can make some of the most delicious drinks because it offers a minty taste that is very refreshing. Once you buy the mint leaves, the possibilities are endless because you can create your own cocktails or use some of the tried and true recipes that are available here.

How to Garnish with a Mint Sprig

A mint sprig can be used inside of the cocktail as well as a garnish. Just like many entrees or desserts use the mint sprig for people to nibble on as a digestif or just to make it look pretty, you can do the same thing for your cocktails. Patrons or friends will be impressed at how classy you have become and the drinks will be out of this world!


You need to find the mint leaves, first. Look in the fresh herb section of the produce department or look in the garden section for an entire plant. Once you have the leaves, or mint sprig, you want to make sure that the cleanest part is used for the drinks. If there is any brown on the leaf, snip away from it. Typically the smaller leaves are what are referred to as the sprig. Just make sure to cut away any of the stem as it's not going to mix well.

Common Cocktails with a Mint Sprig

The Mint Julep is perhaps one of the most common cocktails you can make with a mint sprig. To make the cocktail, get out an old fashioned glass and place five mint sprigs at the bottom. Add a shot of bourbon and half a shot of lemon juice to the glass. Now muddle the ingredients using a muddling stick or the back of a spoon. Basically, this breaks up the sprig and releases the flavor. Now add a few ounces of simple syrup (sugar and water) and put some ice into the glass. You can garnish the glass with a mint sprig for good measure, too.


Another popular drink with a mint sprig is the Brandy Smash. Take out an old fashioned glass and add a teaspoon of sugar, a few mint leaves and an ounce of club soda. Muddle the leaves together lightly with the rest of the other ingredients. You then need to fill the rest of the glass up with ice. Pour a shot and a half of Brandy on tip. You can garnish the glass with an orange slice and a cherry or mint so that everyone knows what is inside of the drink.

Using the Mint Sprig Wisely

Fresh mint is the only acceptable use of a mint sprig in any cocktail that calls for it. While it would be convenient to substitute, you cannot use extracts or dried mint because it isn't going to provide the same flavor profile or the same consistency. A mint sprig means fresh mint.

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