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Midday Mixed Drinks with Melon

Drinking alcohol during the day can be a bit of a difficult task, because while you may want just a little bit to take the edge off of your day, you also do not want to deal with the intense overpowering taste of lining up some shots on your lunch break. However, drinking melon liqueur is a very easy way to get a little bit of alcohol without having to worry about the extreme power of straight up alcohol.


Many alcohol production companies have pre-mixed melon beverages that incorporate some form of melon in their drinks, which provide you with the ability to enjoy a drink during brunch, lunch, or a snack throughout the day. Because they actually incorporate the taste and flavor of various types of melon, you can easily enjoy these drinks with other fruit and avoid a clash in tastes. Bacardi is one of the biggest of these producers; their melon liqueur is quite highly rated and is rum that you are able to mix with nearly any different additive to create the perfect drink.


Though most melon liqueur already contains enough flavor to make them a whole lot easier to down, it is quite popular to add a wedge of fruit to the edge of the class, some of your own fruit juices to the mix, and to add a sugar cube or two in the mixer in order to sweeten the concoction even more. Oranges, limes, lemons, and kiwi are the easiest fruits and fruit juices to obtain year round, and they are also quite delicious so adding them to your mixed cocktail is easy and a great method of improving and altering the tastes to suit your needs. Melon is a very good base flavor for both foods and beverages, and adding to it in order to amplify the delicious taste is exceedingly simple.

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