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Maraschino Cherry

All about the Maraschino Cherry


The Maraschino Cherry is one of the most favored toppers for a variety of deserts and drinks. Originally meant for royalty only, the cherry was introduced in the United States back in the 19th century. They were first used in fine restaurants and bars only before moving up in their popularity and availability. The cherry itself delivers a juicy, almost candy like taste each and every time. It is a seedless cherry as well which makes it even more desirable. So where does this delicious treat come from? The Maraschino is known as the fruit that made Oregon famous! While the Maraschino had been around since the 1800’s, no one had ever used it like the United States in such mass production.


Nothing tops a drink off quite like the Maraschino Cherry. In fact, it isn’t just alcoholic beverages that use this fruit to showcase beverages. Some fast food establishments like Sonic go through thousands of cherries for their famous Cherry Limeades. The cherry juice itself can also be used for mixing drinks and adding some fruitier flavor. There are even some people who use the cherry juice as a supplement for grenadine. Grenadine is used in hundreds of thousands of drinks and cocktails so you can imagine how many things you could use the Maraschino juice for.


Other than drinks and cocktails, the Maraschino Cherry can be used as a food garnish or ingredient as well. Some people use them as decoration on a baked ham while others put them in or on cakes, pastries, and ice cream sundaes. Of course, nothing quite delivers in appearance like a thick milk shake topped with one or two of these delicious cherries. It is not wonder why this cherry has remained so popular since the early 19th century.


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