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Maggi Seasoning

All about Nestle’s Maggi seasoning


Maggi was originally started back in 1872 in Switzerland and has since been bought out by brand giant Nestle. The Maggi seasoning is so popular because it offers a very unique base to it that makes it perfect for gourmet dishes. The seasoning has a liquid vegetable base and is often specifically used in sauces and soups for additional flavoring. This seasoning can be very salty to some people so if your recipe calls for adding salt, hold off until you have tasted the item with just the seasoning first. If you use the seasoning properly you can get a very unique and tongue pleasing taste.


If you have to compare Maggi seasoning to any other widely known product, it would be soy sauce. It delivers the same concentrate, texture and even the same generic taste. Some countries even use the word ‘maggi’ as a generic slang term for soy sauce. The seasoning from Maggi however tends to deliver a bit more flavor though. This seasoning is widely used in Asian and Philippine cultures and can come in a variety of different flavors and brands as well.


While the Maggi seasoning may not be available in your local super market, especially if you live in areas of the world like the United States, you can purchase this seasoning online. Online prices are competitive for this product too so you can get it pretty cheap with prices ranging from $4 to $20 for one bottle. The size of the bottle you plan to purchase will mostly determine the cost you can expect to pay. If you are a fan of soy sauce and other sauce options, this seasoning is definitely one to try out. One some sites you can even request a free sample be sent to your home.  


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