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Lychee Liqueur

The rare sweet taste of Lychee Liqueur


Lychee Liqueur has become a popular mixing drink recently but a lot of people aren’t sure where it came from or even what is in it. The lychee is actually a rare Asian nut found in sub tropical areas. These nuts are sweet and juicy and have a smell that is incomparable to any other fruit in the world. Some people often times will refer to them as alligator strawberries as well. The lychee has more vitamin C in it than the lemon or orange and has been used within the Asian culture for centuries. Almost all Asian food markets will carry the lychee in a can unless of course it is the right season in which you can find them freshly picked from the tree.


Using Lychee Liqueur as a mixer used to be only targeted at people in certain areas of the world. This was because the liqueur and fruit itself was so hard to find. Now there are numerous spirit manufacturers who have bottled the fruity nut liqueur and they can be found at numerous retails and widely online. The lychee taste especially good when mixed with vodka or Midori but can essentially be used in any liquor or mix you desire. Amarula and Eve was the very first drink I had ever had that featured the liqueur flavor and it was actually served as a dessert after dinner. If you are not a fan of the grapefruit however, this drink probably isn’t for you.


Instead you can try a variety of other cocktails and drinks that include the Lychee Liqueur. If you are a shot taker the Crouching Tiger, ½ Lychee ½ blue agave tequila, is a great choice with a very potent effect. You can also make up your own new favorite drink that uses this rare nut flavored liqueur.  

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