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Liqueur dAnanas

Great uses for Liqueur d'Ananas


Liqueur d'Ananas, or pineapple liqueur, is a perfect liqueur to have while entertaining some friends or guests at a home party, gala, or other social function. This liqueur delivers a sweet and fruity taste without being too sweet and overpowering your mouth. Unless you live in France, you probably don’t hear Liqueur d'Ananas often. Instead the fruity liqueur is most commonly referred to just as pineapple liqueur. It can be consumed by itself but the liqueur is mainly use as a mixer for cocktails and popular bar drinks.


Since the liqueur can be used for a variety of different drink and some cooking desserts, it is a highly sought after liqueur. People have begun making their own pineapple liqueur from home to be able to have it readily available. Plus, some party throwers love adding their own touch to these popular fruit flavored liqueurs. All you need to make your own pineapple liqueur is 2 cups of pineapple, ½ cup of sugar syrup (homemade or store bought), ½ tsp of vanilla, and 2 ½ cups of vodka. You may even opt to use a different type of liqueur base like rum or whiskey, the choice is entirely your own.


After your steep, strain and filter your homemade pineapple liqueur base then you add the sugar syrup. You have to let the liqueur age (sit) for at least one month before you serve it. This will allow the pineapple fruit to be obsorbed into the liquor well to really make the flavor pop. You can choose to leave the liqueur sitting longer, but you typically don’t want to do anything over 3 months for the maximum taste quality. Start making your own Liqueur d'Ananas from home today and impress all of your guest at your next dinner or party.


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