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Light Creme de cacao

Many Different Drink Possibilities with White Crème de Cacao


There are so many different drinks that you can make with white crème de cacao. This one liqueur is known for its sweet flavor that has been flavored with both the vanilla bean and cacao bean. Typically, when you see this liqueur it is light colored syrup but it can be seen as dark caramel colored syrup from time to time.


Since the flavor of white crème de cacao is so delicious, it is a great choice for a wide variety of drinks. Many of the drinks that are mixed with this liqueur are flavored coffee beverages that have a delicious flavor while still pumping you up. In addition, they work great as an after dinner drink. 


You can choose from the All White Frappe, the Almond Chocolate Coffee, and the Boston Iced Coffee to name a few. The liqueur is also used in a variety of shots including the Abortion and Angel Kiss. In addition, you can find a variety of recipes that utilize white crème de cacao


Since the liqueur is so sweet you will notice that is often served as part of an after dinner drink or is added to desserts. In addition, you will find that white crème de cacao is a great liqueur to add to smoothies or other frozen treats as well. Therefore, you will really have many choices when it comes to these drinks and how you will use the liqueur. 


The use of white crème de cacao has been gaining popularity. This could be in part because the liqueur is used in many of the most popular drinks as well as in specialty drinks that are signature drinks for some of the best restaurants and hotels around the world. The best part is that these drinks although a luxury comes at an affordable price and is something that everyone can enjoy from time to time.

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