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Licor 43

Licor 43, a Spanish Liqueur, is bright yellow in color and has a citrus-vanilla taste. The "43" in the name comes from the number of ingredients used to make it. Some of the prominent ones include citrus and fruit juices, vanilla, herbs and spices. The sum of all 43 ingredients makes a perfect liqueur that can be employed in a variety of uses. Some people drink it as such, but others prefer mixing it with soda or fruit juices.

A Look At The Past Of Licor 43

Licor 43 has been served since the 1950s when it was the leader in Spain. After being promoted wisely and widely, it became one of the most popular brands of the time and gained a stronghold over the liquor market. But that was not enough and the brand was launched internationally. Soon it started gaining popularity outside Spain. Their market share grew exponentially in the coming years but they stood by producing the product in the Mediterranean. With the advent of the 21st century it had established itself in more than 50 countries around the world and aims to become the best liquor brand ever.

The Liqueur

The citrus-vanilla taste of Licor 43 does state how natural the ingredients are. They do not use any artificial components which is the true reason for its great taste. All the 43 ingredients are part of the naturally-rich land of the Mediterranean and the brand ensures that each and every fruit or herb or spice is chosen very carefully to provide the best quality product. The reason for choosing the Mediterranean is not only its rich land but also the wonderful waters which make it one of the rare places to support such amazing ingredients. It adheres to all the quality standards and is also certified by the Spanish and European Union on food security and environmental protection.

The Numerous Qualities

Licor 43 represents the Mediterranean and its citrus and vanilla character perfectly suits the serenity of the basin. It strives to provide a perfect combination of ingredients and hence takes care of all contents including alcohol and sugar to give you that heavenly experience. The pleasing aroma of the liqueur makes you feel great and its versatility to get mixed with all kinds of drinks makes it truly incredible. Being present for more than half a century now, it has some classic drinks on offer. The liqueur shines brightly in the light and gives you a sight into all kinds of fruits it comprises.

Being A Part Of Drinks

Licor 43 is best enjoyed when mixed with different sorts of drinks. It can be drunk neat as well but to enjoy the real pleasure you need to find the right mix. Some of the traditional drinks when mixed with Licor 43 include Milk, Fruit juices, and Lemonades. Many bars around the world use it as a key ingredient in their best cocktails. Even many ice cream parlors use it to make wonderful flavors. It is also a key ingredient of many drinks around the world including drinks such as Apple-cake, Mr. G, Orange 43, and the Phantom.

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