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Lemon Soda

Lemon Soda

The term soda has its origins going back to the 50’s and even some today still refer to soft drinks as soda. Lemon sodas have become very popular and most of the time are combined with the flavor of lime as well.


Regardless of the brand, lemon soda makes for an excellent mixer for many alcoholic drinks. One such drink is referred to as the Flash Gordon. You’ll mix Gordon's  gin, Schweppes lemon soda, Sprite soda, a few ice cubes, and a slice or two of lime.


For some of the brands of lemon soda, it may seem that a lemon was lucky to even come near the mixture process while others are very potent with the flavor of lemon. It definitely is a matter of taste!


Another such drink that uses lemon soda is called Party Death. (Yeah I think they could have come up with a better name too!) The ingredients are lemon vodka, Schweppes Russian tonic water and Schweppes lemon soda. Stir and serve in a tall glass over ice.

For those wanting a somewhat milder drink, Mike's Hard Lemonade might be the ticket for you! Start with sweet tea, spiced rum, triple sec (it means "triple distilled" colorless orange flavored liqueur) and Mike's hard lemonade. Mix and serve over ice in a something similar to a Mason jar or tall iced tea glass.


 Actually, you can use any lemon soda to create any type of mixed drink either alcohol or non-alcohol based. The preference is strictly individual and can be very flavorful as well as a light summery drink. While the Schweppes lemon soda is considered a “bitter lemon” flavor, you may prefer a sweeter lemon soda or even frozen lemonade to create your own original drink. Experiment with different flavors or combinations and who knows; you may have a drink named after you!

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