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How to use Lemon Bitter

Lemon bitter is a different type of tonic water that you can find in stores. Tonic water is basic sparkling water with some quinine added to it, as well as a possible sweetener and caffeine. If you add lemon juice to the combination, then you will get a lemon bitter sparkling water.


The lemon juice that is added to the tonic water is not the only component that makes the water bitter. The quinine that is added to sparkling water is what will give it a certain bitter taste, and the lemon juice will give a tart taste. The sugar that is sometimes added to bitter lemon water will give a sweetness to lessen the sour bite of the soda, but will not lessen the flavor of the quinine in the water. Many people have developed a taste for the quinine flavor of tonic water, since it was introduced to help keep people from getting sick from malaria.

However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, the gin and tonic cocktail was created because of people who actually did not like the taste of the quinine flavored tonic water.


There are many different versions of the lemon bitter water that you can find today. The popular company, Schweppes, who also creates tonic water, as well as other sodas, claims to have been the first to create bitter lemon. Today you can find this type of sparkling water being used for a substitute for tonic water. There are also many different cocktails that you can make that contain lemon bitter water as one of the ingredients. A delicious cocktail that you may want to try is the Deep Blue Sea. In this cocktail there is peach schnapps, blue Curacao, lime cordial liqueur, and a small amount of lemon bitter soda water.  They combination of these ingredients makes for a perfect sweet and sour cocktail.

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