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Kummel Liqueur

All about Kummel Liqueur: Recipes and History


Kummel Liqueur is now a popular drink in the United Kingdom at upscale golf clubs, but it has been around for centuries. In fact, the Dutch claim that this liqueur has been made since around the sixteenth century by a man named Lucas Bols. From there is moved onto Germany and Russia, where it is still produced today. All Kummel does not taste the same however. The Berlin made Kummel is known to be the smoothest of all, especially compared to the Russian Kummel.


You can make Kummel Liqueur right from your own kitchen to if you want to put your own special spin on the drink. You will need crushed caraway seed, crushed fennel seed, ground cumin, sugar, vodka and water. Put the seeds, cumin and vodka in a jar and cover it up for about two weeks. Occasionally shake the jar from day to day in the process. When complete, filter and strain the liquid from the jar. Put the sugar and water in a sauce pan and bring it to a boil to create your liqueur syrup. From there you mix the syrup mix with the vodka mix and put them into jars or bottles with tight lids. Leave the liqueur in their containers for at least one month before serving or consuming yourself.


There are dozens of drinks that contain Kummel Liqueur that you may or may not have already tried. The Jawbone is a popular one including a vodka and Kummel mixtures that provides a smooth taste with a kick effect. The Foxhound is a cocktail with Kummel that you should definitely try if you have not. It is a blend of Brandy, Kummel lemon and cranberry juice that gives a really refreshing splash in your mouth.


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