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Johnnie Walker Red Label

Johnnie Walker Red Label: The Taste Of A Generation

Johnnie Walker Red Label is one of the finest and well known brand of scotch whisky there is. Owned and operated by Diagoe, it originated in Kilmarnock, Ayshire Scotland. Making a name for itself around the world, it is the most widely distributed whisky brand worldwide, with a vast number of different blends for consumption. With over 130 million bottles distributed worldwide, it is one of the most time honored spirits in the world.

Originated BY Johnny HIMSELF

The Johnnie Walker Red Label brand was originally known as Walker's Klmamock Whisky, which was began by John "Johnny" Walker who sold whisky out of his grocer's store in Scotland. Although it originated with Johnny, after his death in 1857, his son is the one who expanded and grew the company to be the powerhouse that it is famed to be. After developing the iconic bottle that defines the Walker label, sales took off and increased quickly by 90-95%, and quickly was imported worldwide.

Specialization Is The Name Of The Game

Although Johnnie walker comes in a variety of different blends, it has only been recently that they have expanded into so many different specialty and limited bottling. They have many standard blends with age old tradition, but recently recognizing the trend of specialization increase in spirits, have ramped up efforts to distill a variety of various blends and concoctions.

Standard Time Honored Blends

In the original tradition of Johnnie Walker there are standard blends which remain constant and have their own signature. The standard blends have been developed from decades of tradition and quality standards that has come to represent the brand. The standard blends are

  • Red & Cola - a premix of the red label spirit with cola which is sold in prepackaged bottles
  • Johnnie Walker Swing - known for its sweet flavor and uniqueness of bottle. A specialty designed bottle allows it to rock but to stay upright
  • Red Label - this is a blend of 35 malt and grain whiskies, intended for mixed drinks, and has a reddish tint and is known to have a fuller body taste than the other whiskies
  • Black Label - It is aged for 12 years
  • Double Black Label
  • Green Label - matured for a minimum of 15 years, also a malt whisky
  • Gold Label - it is blended from an old recipe and is bottled for 15-18 years
  • Blue Label - it is made to represent the traditional and first of the distilled tradition, it has it's own box and authentication, highly expensive, it is a collectors desire.

Setting Johnnie Walker Red Label apart

Although Walker makes many different blends and specialty drinks, the Johnnie Walker Red Label brand maintains its status as being the best overall mixer and drink. It is a standard behind the bar at any establishment and is known as a well-priced consistently quality spirit that adds just the right flavor to your favorite concoction. It's red color sets it apart and signifies the excellence that is the Johnnie Walker brand.

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