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Jim Beam (Bourbon Whisky) is a great overall bourbon whisky. Maintaining its place as one of the best selling bourbons for decades, it is known for its quality of price and consistency. It remains under family control and is operated through strict quality guidelines and standards that makes it not only a staple at the local bar, but also on the shelf of a cooks kitchen. Even though it has since been under the operation of the Fortune Brands label, the family still remains involved in the distillation and business operations

The Origins Of A Classic

During the 18th century the Boehm family, who eventually became the famous "Beam" family, started up a small operation to distill the finest of bourbons. Jim Beam (Bourbon Whisky) began first as a corn whisky. The brand continued to grow and expand throughout the decades and with different members of the family being head of operations, found its place among the greats. The one thing that remained the same was the recipe and the dedication to quality which is the trademark for the brand even today.

A Variety Of Products Offered Of Jim Beam (Bourbon Whisky)

Jim Beam (Bourbon Whisky) serves up a wide array of whiskies, offering several types of bourbons for everyone's likes and specific tastes. The brand offers their standard variations of the Jim Beam line, but also offers their very own "small batch bourbon collection"

Standard types available

  • Jim Beam White label - 4 year maturity/74 proof
  • Jim Beam White label - 7 year maturity/80 proof
  • Jim Beam Green label - 5 year maturity/80 proof
  • Jim Beam Black label - 8 year maturity/96 proof
  • Jim Beam Yellow label - 4 year maturity/80 proof (rye whisky)
  • Jim Beam and Cola - 4 year maturity/10 proof (premixed with cola)
  • Jim Beam and Ginger Ale - 4 year maturity/10 proof (premixed with ginger ale)
  • Jim Beam Special package for Operation Homefront - 4 year maturity/80 proof
  • Jim Beam Red Stag - black cherry flavored/80 proof
  • Jim Beam Devil's Cut - 6 year maturity/90 proof

The specialty "small batches bourbon collection"

  • Booker's - 7 year maturity/120-127 proof
  • Baker's - 7 year maturity/107 proof
  • Basil Hayden's - 8 year maturity/80 proof
  • Knob Creek - 9 year maturity/100 proof

There are also rye whisky blends

  • Old Overholt
  • (n)1

Blended whiskies

  • Beam's Eight Star

No Simple Process For Distillation

There are a vast number of different regulations that must be followed when distilling Jim Beam (Bourbon Whisky). Because Jim Beam is a "straight" bourbon, it must be distilled in the US, not higher than 160 proof, be made from a grain mix that contains at least 51% com., contain no additives, be distilled in white oak barrels and be aged at a minimum for 2 years. The ingredients that are used to distill Jim Beam (Bourbon Whisky) are what set it apart from other Bourbons. They use only the most pure and high quality ingredients, as well as processes to make each batch, and therefore each bottle, of the utmost quality for its consumers.

Not Just A Brand Of Whisky

The Jim Beam (Bourbon Whisky) brand name has come to mean so much more than just a glass of whisky. Through years of dedication, they have developed a following of consumers who consider Jim Beam to be more than just a brand of whisky. The promotion and advertising of this company has become more synonymous of pride and tradition, selling not just their spirits, but their brand recognition using their logo to adorn merchandise and products worldwide.

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