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In 2001, Raphael Yakobi was passing by Bloomingdale's when he saw a blue bottle of perfume and realized his muse. Raphael came from unassuming beginnings, being a college drop-out who lived with his parents, one of which was a cab driver in Queens, but none of that would hinder the creation that would mark his career as a drink meister.

The blue bottle of perfume sparked his imagination and he decided to make a blue liquor. Made from cognac vodka and fruit juices, Hpnotiq made its debut in America at the end of 2001, the worst possible time to appeal to the consumer's pocket book. With tourism down, the whole American economy suffered and Hpnotiq had a rough start. Yakobi actually went door to door, selling his drink to restaurants, doing whatever it took to launch his new drink.

The first company to partner with Raphael Yakobi was Wingard Inc. from Great Neck, New York and the bottle first had a greener hue. Reportedly, when the label turned a deeper blue some time later, sales jumped noticeably. Even with the economic dip in America and the relatively slow start for the drink, within a year, Hpnotiq was one of the most popular night club drinks in New York and other clubs around the world.

Made from the smoothest French cognac and vodka, the addition of fruit juices makes this beverage easy to drink by itself chilled, with ice, or in a fruity mixed drink of your choice. The consumer should be cautioned once again as to the smoothness of the drink and is done as easily as introducing you to the cocktail known as 1, 2, 3, Floor. As the name suggests, this drink is deliciously easy to drink and can get away with you if you allow it to!

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