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Horseradish Sauce

Herbal Horseradish


Horseradish sauce is a spicy condiment that has its own love-hate relationship with creamy and grainy. Usually made from vinegar, horseradish and a cream base, it is used on a plethora of food items. Among these, potatoes, soups, and sandwiches top the list, but it can be found also on fish and various types of beef. Occasionally it will serve as an ingredient in other condiments such as cocktail sauce and horseradish mayonnaise and has even made an appearance in cheese. Horseradish sauce is also sometimes used in the famous cocktail, Bloody Mary. It is exceedingly popular in Britain, Germany, and other European countries and is also consumed here in the Colonies, typically only as a spread on sandwiches.


Use of the horseradish root dates back as far as 1500 B. C.'s ancient Egypt. It was mentioned for its use as a medicine and food in ancient Greek texts by philosophers and prophets, at which point it was known as raphanus or raphanos. They must have been on to something because even modern medicine agrees that it is a potent herbal remedy that can help expel excess mucus from the bronchial area of the lungs. The root fights most infections involving mucus in the sinuses, throat and lungs, in fact, because of its effect on mucus. It is even known to kill bacteria and help treat some more hardy conditions such as urinary tract infections, being high in vitamin C, potassium, and several other nutrients. Note: horseradish is not necessarily the complete cure for any of these things and you should always consult a physician before taking on an herbal remedy.


The horseradish can be identified by its long, dark green leaves close to the ground and tiny white flowers with yellow centers. No one knows why the horseradish is called "horseradish," although its name could make the imagination spin a number of stories.

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