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We all know that honey is a sweet, tasty alternative to sugar and even necessary in some dishes, but honey is turning out to be better than we knew. Made from nectar by bees, the flavor of honey changes with the region, flowers, and species of bees, making some types of honey a delicacy. One such type is the honey cultivated in Hawai'i, which ranges from almost white in color to a rich gold and is an eclectic favorite of chefs around the world.

Not only is it tasty, but the antioxidants in honey have been proven to be very effective in fighting heart disease and cancer. In medical trials, buckwheat honey has been shown to be the most effective in keeping harmful cholesterol in the human body from leaving plaque deposits on artery walls. Rich in vitamins and protein, honey is the perfect pick-me-up, as it contains no cholesterol and practically no sodium. And if that weren't enough, honey helps fight harmful bacteria in the body when ingested and has even been used to treat wounds as a topical salve! The thickness of honey provides a physical layer of protection to the wound while its antibacterial properties go to work to keep the wound clean.

So honey is good for us. Now what shall we put it in? Coffee and tea both compliment the flavor of honey very well, but warm comfort drinks aren't the only beverages that need the goodness of honey. The 901 Mia Margarita is a cold cocktail that is shaken with ice and requires cinnamon-flavored honey to be complete. Other cocktails such as the Bahama Breeze and the Autumn Gold also call for honey in the mix. So next time you find yourself wondering what to make in the kitchen, no matter what the occasion, think honey!

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