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Harushika Tokimeki Sparkling Sake

Harushika Tokimeki, the Champagne of Sake


From the Harushika brewery in Nara, Japan comes Harushika Tokimeki, a light, sparkling sake that has been more than well-received. Decent acidity and an unabrasive texture, it is perfect as an aperitif and even goes well with fruit and spicy foods. At around 6% alcohol, it is the perfect way to venture out into the world of sake for the beginner sake drinker and comes in every variety from pop top soda-style cans to elegant champagne-style bottles. Look for the festive, feminine designs that mark these new items of interest in the night life spotlight if you're looking for a new experience!


The carbonation of this beverage is a natural byproduct of the fermentation process, but is let out of sake normally. Another trait of this drink is that it is unfiltered, or nigori sake, which leaves bits of rice floating in the mix, giving it a milky texture and look. Smooth texture along with the bite of carbonation, the sweetness of fruity hints of flavor and a refreshing aroma make this drink one worth looking out for. This sake, like all sake, is moderately priced at, usually, under twenty dollars per bottle and can be found in restaurants, wine retailers and even online for shipment to your home.


The Harushika brewery that developed this new craze was established in 1884. The name for the brewery comes from the Chinese kanji, or symbol, in the local Kasuga shrine's name. The meaning of the symbol is deer, which are considered holy. Tours of the Harushika brewery are available for 500 yen and a for another 400 yen a visitor may sample five different kinds of sake brewed on site, depending on the season. (In United States dollars, that is $10.48 for the tour and samples.) So next time you find yourself in the Nara prefecture of Japan, drop by the Harushika brewery for a sample of what new hit might be coming to our shores!




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