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Half & Half Cream

What is Half and Half Cream?

Half and Half Cream is a dairy product found mainly in the United States that is made with one part milk and one part cream. Many people use the term “half and half” to describe many drinks that are equal parts of two different drinks, but specifically it is the cream that most are thinking of. A cocktail that you may come across that uses the term half and half when talking about it is the Black and Tan, which is made of equal parts of Guinness Beer and Harp Lager.


There are many different uses for half and half cream in recipes and drinks. You can use it to lighten up cream sauces or for your morning coffee. Many recipes for everything from soups to pastries may call for half and half. Half and half is also great as a substitute for cream in a White Russian cocktail, as it is lighter and easier to drink.


Many people use half and half in coffee instead of creamer. There is a market for it, and so companies have begun to sell flavored half and half that are similar to the flavored creamers, but again less thick. Half and half still gives coffee a creaminess that you cannot get from milk, but still not as thick as cream. If you ever make ice cream, you may find that you will need to use half and half when you want to have that certain flavor and consistency of cream, but without the high amount of fat.


Half and half is great mixed with food and drinks, but is not very tasty on its own. When the cream is mixed with the milk the amount of butterfat is increased, which is what makes it thicker. Most people also do not realize that they cannot substitute half and half for cream because the butterfat content is not high enough for what it is likely being used for.  You can easily make half and half at home, and it lasts for quite a while longer than milk.


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