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Green Tea

Green Tea and Its Advantages

Green tea is a drink that has been taken by the Japanese and Chinese for so many years. However, over the last few years, other cultures of the world have also started taking the drink. It is a very popular herbal supplement that most people love taking. Most of these people even refer to it as a miracle drink due to its many health benefits. These benefits range from disorders in the human body and diseases. In fact very few foods or drinks are reported to have as many benefits as this tea. The Chinese people in particular knew of these benefits since ancient times.

What Study Shows About Green Tea

Several books have been written about this tea and some even claiming that this tea has been used as a medicine for over 4,000 years. Epidemiological study done a few years ago indicates that drinking this tea played a major role in reducing the risk of cancer in the human body. Research has also shown that green tea is a good method of lowering total cholesterol levels. Research also proves that this tea is capable of improving the ration of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol in your body. This tea is known to treat almost everything from depression to headaches.

What Green Tea Will Do To You

Green tea is known to posses the ability to help loose weight. This is good news to the millions of people the world over who are struggling with their weight. Most of these people have used endless methods to try and loose wait without success. This tea is known to increase the immune function which will as a result keep most diseases away. This green tea leaf has plenty of healthy antioxidants which make this plant very beneficial to human beings. These antioxidants are known as catechin polyphenols the most powerful being the EGCG. This antioxidant is very important to the heart and circulatory health and also for the whole support of the body’s natural resistance to a number of diseases.

Other Advantages of the Green Tea

The key ingredients in the green tea are responsible for its many benefits. They help provide you with protection against various types of cancers like esophagus, pancreas, prostate, colon, skin, bladder, breast, lung, stomach and breast. This tea is very beneficial in increasing your metabolism. The good thing about this tea is that it contains less caffeine than black tea because it is not fermented. Its leaves have a lot of fluorine which help prevent dental decay. This tea is known to cause very little nervousness and anxiety as compared to black tea. All this shows you how healthy this tasty drink is.

Green Tea and Diabetes

Green tea is a very beneficial tea to people suffering from diabetes. It is especially very effective in type 1 diabetics since it helps break down most of the glucose in your blood. When research was carried out in animals, it proved that this tea can help prevent any development of this type of diabetes. It is known to play a major role in regulation blood sugar levels which explains why it is very beneficial for diabetics.


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