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What You Need To Know About Grappa

Grappa is one of those alcoholic beverages that are fruit based. It is a grape drink of Italian origin and much similar to other drinks. In fact this is one of the most popular drinks in Italy. Its main ingredient is pomace. The drink is made after distilling the stems, seeds, pulp and skin that remains after the process of wine making which is normally after the grapes have been pressed. It is a good method of preventing any waste in the leftovers. The flavor of this drink depends on the quality and type of grapes that have been used. It will also depend on the distillation process that the drink has gone through.

Alcohol Content of Grappa

For whatever reason you are taking an alcoholic drink, it is very important that you know the alcoholic content of the drink. This will help you know your capacity in order to avoid alcohol abuse. Remember any abuse will lead to serious conditions. Grappa contains 35-60% alcohol. This name is protected and to be used the drink must be produced in Italy and by Pomace. The distillation and fermentation process of the drink must occur on the pomace and no water should be added whatsoever.

Distillation Process of Grappa

The distillation process of grappa must always occur on solids and should not be carried on direct frame. This is to prevent the pomace from burning. Once this drink is fully distilled, it is usually clear. Professional distillers deal with 4 categories of this drink. There is young grappas, aromatic grappas, cask conditioned grappas, and aromatized grappas. It is important that all menthol is removed during the distillation process since it is toxic.

Tasting Of Grappa

The tasting of grappa starts with young grappas and finishes with aromatized grappas. They normally begin with the one that has the lowest alcohol content and finish with the one that has the highest content. If the testing is for two drinks that contain the same alcohol content they normally start with the type that is smoother. During tasting it is recommended that the taster takes at least half a glass of milk in between samples. This is meant to refresh the taste receptors on your tongue. This drink can also be tasted by rubbing a small amount on the back side of one's hand. The taster then sniffs it.

How You Can Serve Grappa

Grappa is wonderful drink that should be taken at the end of meals because it helps in digestion. It can either be taken on its own as a shot, mixed with coffee to get a drink known as caffe corretto. This drink is best served in shots preferably in small tulip shaped glasses. It is a good idea to serve this drink straight from the freezer to get that icy and crisp taste. The young grappa is best served at between 9-13 degrees. There is a variety of drink recipes that contain this drink. An example of these recipes is Genoa, glassy winged sharpshooter and grappa strega. You can therefore enjoy this drink in any way that you like.

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