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Framboise Liqueur

Also known as Raspberry liquer, Framboise liqueur is a type of liquer that is fermented using raspberries. As one of fruitbeer liquers, it has been used in different events such as an ingredient in recipes. It can be taken on its own served in a small glass-shorter than a champagnr glass. Most of these liqueurs are sweet and can be made by use of different ingredients. Below is one of the recipes for making this liqueur.

You will need 1lb fresh raspberries, 1lb sugar, 2 cups of water and two cups of pure grain alcohol. The recipe may work well with most crane berries and the user needs to know that it will be ready in abt 3 months. Once you have selected the ingreadients, you need to rinse and check the berries inorder to ge rid of those that show signs of overipeness and molds. After this, you should place them in a large bowl and using the back of a wooden spoon crash them slightly and then set them aside.

The next step is to warm the two cups of water in a medium saucepan over a moderate heat. The water will include the sugar and you will continuously stir the mixture until the sugar is well dissolved and the mixture is warm. After you have removed the mixture from the heat, you will pour it over the raspberries and stir. The next thing to do is to cover them and place them in the refrigirator for a week.

While in storage, you should ensure that you stir occasionaly. After the week is over, you need to strain the mixture through a wire mesh strainer into a bowl or a container for aging. Once you have done this, you shall add the alcohol mixture and stir and afterwards cap the bowl or container and let it age for a month. Repeat the process until desired time, which is one month for cooking and three months for drinking.


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