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Fraise de Bois Liqueur



Fraise de Bois liqueur is a type of sweet spirit, normally served after dinner. It is made by redistilling spirits together with fruits, flowers and some plants. Chocolate can also be added to put more flavor to the drinks depending on ones preference. The amount of sugar should not be more than the average weight of the contents. This is because too much sugar will tamper with the taste of the entire spirit.


There are however many types of Fraise de bois Liqueur, which are all made in the same way but with different fruits. An example is the rasp berry liqueur. This is a liqueur made from raspberries, and because of the rasp berry effects, it has a brick red garnet color. It has an aroma that is filled with red ripe raspberries. It has a nice finish at the palate entry, and one can use some ice cream, to give it a more refreshing taste.


Irish cream liqueur recipe is also in the same class with Fraise de Bois liqueur. It is made using scotch whisky, chocolate and coconut syrup, half and half and condensed milk. One will then mix the scotch and the milk. One will then proceed to add the half and half, then all the syrups respectively. Finally serve it, and it is best when chilled.

Banana liqueur is also an example of a rich drink made from mainly a banana. It also works well in tropic drinks, and can also be used in the baking recipes depending on ones preference.


Chocolate liqueur drinks are deep mahogany in color and are made from chocolates among others in its recipe. Another example is the Fraise de Bois Liqueur that is made from the marula fruit, which is blended and cream is added to give a smooth tasty feeling.

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